Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trying to give IT to GOD!

DISCLAIMER (this is a personal blog if your not TTC this may be TMI for you)

This has been a tough week for me... I am still waiting for my first AF (Aunt Flo) since our miscarriage in September. I have been really trying to Give it to God and just know he is taking care of things. Easier said than done, as I can't seem to get it off my mind. Every symptom must be a pregnancy symptom (even though it most likely is not) But because my mind is racing all the time it feels like it. Ugg even after church today when our pastor spoke so much truth on faith and committing our lives "WHOLEHEARTEDLY"  I had a major breakdown in the car on the way home from lunch. I want sooooo badly to not think about babies. I pray about it all the time , I just want to wake up without the urge to look at baby stuff online, take a test or analyze my symptoms. It seems no mater how hard I try I cant stop thinking about them. I know I am struggling with this too, but wanted to give you some of the words from my pastor today, because even though I struggle with this concept I know it is true. If you are struggling with this or anything else in your life, I hope this lifts you up. 

We need to and want to be Wholeheartedly committed to the Lord. One of the Scriptures used today was Joshua 14:8 "For my part, I wholeheartedly followed the Lord my God." '

What does Wholeheartedly really mean? 

Wholehearted means to close the gap or to get within range. 

3 Characteristics of Wholehearted Devotion:

1: commitment  
2: confidence
3: courage

My favorite thing from today's sermon was this : Faith-believing God is who He said He is, and He'll do everything He promised He'd do. 

I DO trust that the Lord has a plan for Rob and I and our future children, and I DO know that it is much better then the plan I have concocted in my head. This week I will try to focus more on the Word and my faith and less on what I want and how I want it. 

I hope this has encouraged anyone that feels like I do. 


  1. I Am Praying WITH You!!!! God Is An AWESOME God Just Try And Let Him Be The Leader And You The Follower!!! Its ALL In His Timing Sweet Girl!!! Love You!!!

  2. It was good to hear the lesson again. Hang in there & know a lot of people are praying for u. Stay busy this week. It is never easy to wait on God but His plan is perfect for you!
    XOXO. MoM

  3. I'm sorry you are going through this. I just found you following my blog and came to yours. You sound a lot like me. My husband and I are so in love (as it sounds you and your husband are). We conceived the first time we tried (expecting it to take months) and that ended in m/c. Unfortunately, I went on to have another one later, and after multiple testing, found to be very healthy--hopefully you will not follow the second m/c part of my path-- But here I am now just 4 weeks pregnant. I haven't even told my parents yet, because I want to make sure things are heading the right way. But I know that I will be a mama someday, and even if the path may be filled with some sadness, God will take care of me and DH. I also agree with someone who said, anyone who goes through a m/c will hug their children a little tighter and I think we will appreciate and love our children just a bit more...

  4. Congrats on your exciting news!! I will be praying for you and your family and sending lots of Sticky Dust your way! Try to relax and enjoy this time even though I know there is nothing that can make it better.

  5. It is not necessarily a bad thing that you think about babies all the time. Have you stopped to think that maybe that it is also God that is preparing you for motherhood? I feel that as long as God is #1 on your list than what you are feeling is what is right. Be excited about everything around you, cherish what you have and prepare for the future because God has an amazing journey for you and Rob!