Thursday, November 4, 2010


So as I said before I am a complete CONTROL FREAK I want to plan and control every step. I am grounded by a husband that goes with the flow and brings me back from the edge when I'm about to jump! Man am I thankful for him!! Anyway, I have been running into a lot of people that think like I do lately and God has been giving me the words to say to them to help them relax, but I'm starting to realize I'm not so great at following that advice. My sister pointed out to me on Tuesday that I am always looking for answers RIGHT NOW! With having a miscarriage, it caused me to have even more questions, questions like: Can I even Conceive? Will I have another miscarriage? Is it my fault? and every other question you can think of. Lately the only thing that calms me is the Christian radio on Pandora. It relaxes me and takes me to a quiet place where I can just listen to where God is leading me. I thought I would share the lyrics of one of the songs I came across from one of my favorite bands Sanctus Real. Maybe it will help you like it did me.... Enjoy!!


AF that is! I have never been one to get excited about this because it is always very painful for me, but this time I'm ecstatic!! I am so glad my body is back on track and we can move forward now. The next few months are going to be exciting and hard all at the same time. I am a CONTROL FREAK so I am going to try to stay positive and relax and just have fun!! Maybe we will even get an early Christmas gift this year!! Fingers crossed prayer warriors on post and lets do this!!