Wednesday, May 15, 2013

One more Trip.

After saying no a few times, not wanting to travel, knowing we have not completed the baby room or really prepared for our new arrival at all. With the encouragement of my husband, I have made one last trip to sunny Florida to see my parents before our 2nd miracle arrives. The plane ride was long, but after stepping onto solid ground we are glad we are here. One more chance to soak up the sun and quality time with my parents. After all that has happened the last few months I do not take one moment for granted. I love watching my parents gush over our baby girl, and know in just a few short months there will be a 4th grand baby to gush over. As she kicks away in my belly I am overcome with joy. I am thankful my husband continues to sacrifice time away from his Girls to give me family time. I know we both needed this break from reality. Although he is not here with me, he too is able to do things without his two needy girls attached to his hip. After all the tears and stress I really just needed my mommy, and I'm so thankful he recognizes that. Robby you truly are amazing and the perfect man for me, you just get me. So if you need me I will be soaking up the rays at the pool or the beach or just trying to enjoy the laughter and playfulness of my 15 month old, before she becomes one of two.

Our God Grants Miracles!

After 2 weeks my husband was home from training, I know that's not a long time in the military world, but with everything we were going through it sure felt like it. I finally had my best friend home and it felt really good, to hear him say "everything is going to be ok babe, we will get through this together." A few days passed and we went as a family to his Below The Zone Senior Airman Promotion Ceremony. I held my breath as we walked through the doors knowing that his "higher up's" wanted to speak with me about our situation. After the ceremony we were quietly pulled into another room to talk. I held back my fear and tears and explained, I didn't know much, but am coming to terms with the possibilities that I would be facing over the next few months. It was at that moment I was thankful my husband had chosen the Air Force over all other branches. They informed us that anything we needed they would help with. They assured me Rob would never struggle to get time off for any appointments or procedures, and that they would back us up and support us in every way possible. Such a relief to know your husband is in a job with caring people like that.

That next Monday was our appointment with the neurologist. (We got it bumped up). We again as a family armed with 3 pages of questions walked into the cold sterile room, ready for whatever was coming our way. I closed my eyes and said one last prayer before the Dr. walked in. I felt a calm and peace in that instant. The neurologist informed me that what they saw on the MRI was in the same location as an Acoustic Neuroma tumor, but was growing in a different direction and had a slightly different look to it. He said he thinks it is not that but actually a Lipoma instead. Another non cancerous tumor,but one they did not need to remove. He said I was most likely born with it and that hopefully it would not cause me any problems. I couldn't help but burst into tears. I felt 1000lbs lifted off my shoulders. I couldn't help but think I could keep my hearing, and I wouldn't have a disfigured face, or balance issues. I was so relieved, as the Dr. looked at me like I was crazy. He then told me my symptoms were from migraines most likely caused by the pregnancy called migraines aura. They cause you to have vision trouble, numbing in arms or face and then horrible migraines up to 72 hrs. He described me to the t. We will not know for sure what kind of tumor I have until Oct 1 when I have another MRI with contrast after the baby is born, but we are believing God has given us our miracle we asked for. Knowing we can not get through this alone. Thank you for your prayers, they truly work and I am proof!