Monday, February 28, 2011

From Now On...

Good afternoon my fabulous friends!!

This has been a good week for us. Getting ready for a new journey and very excited! I am going to steal something from someone elses blog that I follow. It worked well for her so I am going to give it a whirl!

I will now be blogging one Cycle (month) behind. So if I blog in April it will be about March. Don't worry I will post the actual dates so your not confused.

I am doing this so Rob and I and our family have some time to process baby news. Unless it is something urgent to post (like another loss) we will be keeping it to ourselves for four weeks. When we do get prego after 12 weeks I will blog as normal.

So I hope you will stay in touch and I will blog again the end of April.

Wish us luck and keep us in your prayers this month as this is our first new month TTC!

Monday, February 21, 2011

February Update!

Ok it has been a while so let me update you. Remember this is a blog about fertility read at your own risk!

I have now been diagnosed with MTHFR and PCOS. I went to see the Dr. Today to get the results of all my tests and what our next step was. First piece of good news was that we could start trying again!! Dr suggested we get on clomid and another fertility medication. He feels that we would be able to bypass some of the things my body does and reduce our chance of a miscarriage.

 As good as that sounds I told you we had some big news coming in our family. Rob (my husband) has joined the Air Force!! I am so proud of him and can’t wait to embark on this new journey with him. However he can only go to basic if he has 2 dependents or less. That means 1 wife (me) and one child (rainbow baby). Clomid and other fertility drugs will release more eggs...i.e. possibly more babies. So we decided to decline the clomid and fertility drugs. I am already on a lot of medication and feel confident that the Lord is going to protect this next pregnancy. We are going to move forward naturally until we get orders from the military. If we are not pregnant by then we will try the clomid at that time. My mom still thinks we are going to have twin boys, so we will see!

The doctor told me PCOS could have also been a contributor to the miscarriages. He said PCOS causes insulin resistance and that can make for a hostile environment to grow a baby. He also said weight is a big factor in that. So he told me no soda and light carbs. No carbs at night. Walk 30 min a day.

Dr Gellman will be monitoring my cycle starting March 10th. Every day by ultrasound to see when I am ovulating. Then he will send us home to baby dance!!

We are ecstatic to start trying again and are praying for a fast, safe and healthy pregnancy to come.

Check back in the next few weeks for another update!!

Praying for a rainbow baby!