Saturday, July 7, 2012

Family visits the first few weeks

Just a few of the family members that visited us in the first few weeks.

Birth Photos

From her sweet little nose to the tip of her toes she is perfect! Photos of Adaleigh hrs after birth.

The Day My Life Became Complete

12:30 AM Feb 8 2012: I woke up to my water breaking. Rolled over and elbowed Rob. He moaned something and went back to sleep. I quickly called my midwife, sister, mother, and mother-in-law to tell them to stay posted. No contractions yet, but I wanted them to stay tuned in case some action started. They all told me to go back to sleep. I was way too anxious, but they were sure I was in for a marathon labor and needed to get my rest. So I went back to my room to lay in bed and that's when my world turned upside down.

Boom my contractions started. Not like they tell you (they will be at least 5 min apart, putsy and you will be able to talk in between) No bam 2 min apart instantly like clockwork and very intense. I told Rob to get out of bed and we started timing them. I decided I needed a shower because I wanted to have my hair and make-up done for pictures lol. I quickly realized I would not have time for much as my contractions got more intense and closer together. I tried every position and tip I had learned in my Bradley class. Nothing helped. I was confused, as once again I was told for a few hrs I would be able to continue my normal life. I called my sister to let her know things were moving and could barely get the words out. I did not expect to feel this way this fast. My sister (being a nurse) didn't either and immediately called my family worried about me. That led to my mom calling Rob, which let to me yelling at her 'GET OFF THE PHONE AND GET ON A PLANE!!!"

Rob was busy setting up the birthing room (we decided to have a home birth). My contractions at this point were so intense that the only thing that helped was to get into my bath tub. We called the midwives and asked them to get here immediately. I soon realized I was in the transition stage of labor even though it had just begun. My body was telling me to push, but I was scared. I had never been through this before. So I had no idea what to do and began fighting the urge to push which put me in pain. My midwives got here at 3:30 am and quickly checked me and let me know that I was completely dilated and ready to push. I could not believe what I was hearing. I was then instructed to get in the birthing pool and push when I felt a contraction.

The pool felt amazing. It was warm and I had instant relief. This was the first time in 3 hrs that I could talk in between contractions and had some kind of a break. I pushed when I felt I needed to and at 3:46 Am Adaleigh Raine Summerville was born. It was the most amazing feeling having complete control of our birth. Even though it was fast and very intense, being in my home with my husband was extremely relaxing. No IVs no beeping monitors, no nurses constantly checking me, just our cozy home. Within 15 min of Addy being born I was tucked in my own bed next to my hubby with my princess in my arms. The only thing missing was my mommy. She walked in the door a few hrs later and my life was complete.