Friday, October 29, 2010


So I can honestly say I have been dreaming about being a mom since I was a child. I just felt the lord built me to be a mom. After Rob and I got married I immediately got the baby syndrome, even though I thought we wanted to wait at least 3-5 years. About every couple of months I would snuggle up to Rob real sweet and whisper "Wanna have a baby?" His response was always "ha ha no!" UGG after two years had gone by (that felt like forever in baby syndrome years) I was frustrated, but I didn't let it show. I always prayed that God would tell Rob when the time was right! Well three months ago at dinner Rob said " So I think I finally realized I'm 25!" " I look at kids different now, every time I see a little girl running around I just melt" We decided to jump on what Rob felt like was the Lord putting it on his heart to have children.

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