Friday, October 29, 2010


Rob and I met Easter weekend 2006, through a mutual friend. I knew two weeks later Rob would be my husband. The two things that I fell in love with first were: #1 Our first serious talk (a walk on the beach) Rob asked me how I was saved. I knew I had met a Godly man and I could wear my faith with pride! #2 I asked Rob about his family... (when he asked me about mine I responded with the usual, I have two sisters but they get on my nerves kind of response) Robs response was one I will never forget : " I have 4 beautiful sisters and a really cool brother that is adopted from Korea, and the most amazing mother anyone could ever ask for," I know I know brought you to tears too! One problem with this relationship... HE LIVED IN PENNSYLVANIA AND I LIVED IN FLORIDA!!!! Well I booked a flight to visit Rob in PA about 3 weeks later. I got to hang out with that amazing family he talked about and two weeks after that Rob picked up and moved to Florida! As I like to say the rest is HISTORY!! We got married June 6 2008 exactly two years after Rob moved here. I could not ask for a more loving, compassionate, GOD LOVING, amazing husband!! I am honored to be Mrs. Summerville and can not wait for the next 50+ years!


  1. lol me and eric got married july 6,2006.

  2. funny I have another friend that got married June 6 2009

  3. What a sweet story!!!