Monday, April 15, 2013

Just another bump in the road....

Just when I thought I was in the smooth sailing zone.... Sweet one year old, handsome husband, new baby on the way.... Smack!!! Wake up call Ansley YOU ARE NOT IN CONTROL! After a scary day in the hospital with stroke like symptoms I have been told I have a non cancerous Brain Tumor. Your hearing this as early as I am, and are probably as in shock as I am. I had my cry, woe is me pitty day and now its time to tackle this in Summerville fashion. We do not know the next step although it is likely surgery. I feel great at the moment, and have had no further symptoms. I will have an appointment in the next few weeks with a neurologist that will give us more answers. Baby Elliana is fine and perfectly healthy. We are going to just take one day at a time and pray for God to continue to walk us through this path. He has not let us down yet and I have no doubt he will get us through this next bump in the road. If you read this and know me, you know all I ask from you is PRAYER. We know we can not get through this alone and we are not in control of this situation. I hope to be back on here soon to update with good news!

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