Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I can not believe this day is here. We have finally reached 24 weeks. At this point the survival rate is about 60% if we were to deliver early. I pray we don't, but my heart is content knowing we have brought her this far. Our little Adaleigh has no idea what kind of world she is about to arrive into. There are so many people that have been praying for her and can not wait to get their hugs and kisses in.

"Adaleigh, you are one loved little girl and we can not wait to spoil you. Someday I will be able to tell you how desperately we wanted you. I know the day we bring you into this world will be the best day Daddy and I have ever had, and it will be hard to share you with all the other people that love you so much! We love you more than you will ever know. You are truly a miracle and our gift from God. We can not wait to meet you."

Daddy Rob Graduates and comes home on Friday!! I know I am just going to lose it the minute I see him. It has been a long 5 months waiting for him to come home. It will be the best feeling to wake up knowing we are not just "visiting" each other. I am taking Rob to see our little princess for the first time on an ultrasound on Saturday. I know nothing compares to being able to physically see that she is healthy and active. Daddy Rob is sooo excited.

We start our journey to New Mexico Sat or Sunday. We are more than ready to get on the road. It is going to be a long 32 hr drive, but sooooo worth it when we arrive. We have a house on base and are very ready to be a family again. I hope to be updating more now that I wont be working anymore.

Till next time...............

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  1. Dang it girl... You made me cry! I am so happy for your family!!! You are such an awesome woman and you're going to be an even more amazing mom! This next step in y'alls lives is going to be absolutely amazing and I am so excited for you all!