Sunday, August 21, 2011

Missing her Daddy!!

Just wanted to give everyone an update on Daddy Rob. He has graduated Basic Training and has now moved on to Tech School. I have to say I have one amazing husband that still makes me feel loved even thousands of miles away. I am having a hard time being away this long, but I know God has HUGE plans and it will all be worth it. Being away has made me appreciate our relationship so much more. I am elated that our love is this strong after five years and I pray it will continue to grow stronger.

Rob is very involved with our baby girl. Although he is not here for the ultrasounds, he has jumped in head first in all the planning. Rob designed what her room would look like and has been very involved with her name and anything we register for or buy. I think he is going to make an amazing father to our little girl.

We skype every Saturday and talk every night. Rob is doing great in school and can't wait to be done and be back with his family.

We are hopefully 1-2 weeks away from knowing where we will be stationed. We are both very anxious about that and are ready to start planning!!!

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  1. It is GREAT to know that he is so involved! He is already such a GREAT daddy!