Thursday, June 30, 2011


Here we are at our May post!

A little background on this month. We are now on month 3 TTC after 2 previous losses. We did 250 MG of clomid and IUI with trigger shot this month. Dr said scans looked really good and this cycle looked better than last time. At the time of IUI I had two 3 mature Follicle's and two that released. This time Hubby was able to be there and the DR. even let him squeeze the syringe. Mom got to come too. I was trying to relax but this one was much more painful than the last and I cramped for 2 days later. I ate my pineapple like usual and ate healthy and did everything I was supposed to do. I took Robby to the airport on Tuesday the 17th for four days. I was lonely so I had my lil sis come stay with me one night. She said "hey go take a test" I was like OK but it will be negative. I went in later to look at it and it was positive. I think I said something like " oh crap" and Morgan came running in. We went to the store to get a digital test. It came back negative ughh. So I waited impatiently till Friday for my blood work. Got it back around 3 and WERE PREGNANT!!!! Oh my gosh, this is so exciting and so scary. Numbers are a little on the low side so we will need to come back on Monday to see if they are doubling. If they are this will most likely be a good pregnancy.

So I went to the pharmacy and picked up my Lovenox (blood thinner for MTHFR disorder) and took my first shot. OMG burned like no tomorrow. Wow I can not believe I will be doing that everyday for the next 9 months. ughh!! But I cant wait to meet our beautiful miracle.

We are not out of the woods yet so please continue to pray that our numbers go up and I will keep you posted in real time now that we are 8 weeks.

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