Wednesday, May 15, 2013

One more Trip.

After saying no a few times, not wanting to travel, knowing we have not completed the baby room or really prepared for our new arrival at all. With the encouragement of my husband, I have made one last trip to sunny Florida to see my parents before our 2nd miracle arrives. The plane ride was long, but after stepping onto solid ground we are glad we are here. One more chance to soak up the sun and quality time with my parents. After all that has happened the last few months I do not take one moment for granted. I love watching my parents gush over our baby girl, and know in just a few short months there will be a 4th grand baby to gush over. As she kicks away in my belly I am overcome with joy. I am thankful my husband continues to sacrifice time away from his Girls to give me family time. I know we both needed this break from reality. Although he is not here with me, he too is able to do things without his two needy girls attached to his hip. After all the tears and stress I really just needed my mommy, and I'm so thankful he recognizes that. Robby you truly are amazing and the perfect man for me, you just get me. So if you need me I will be soaking up the rays at the pool or the beach or just trying to enjoy the laughter and playfulness of my 15 month old, before she becomes one of two.

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