Saturday, May 21, 2011


OK, so this is my April  post!

Prayed really hard and with the help of my wonderful parents we decided to try IUI, and Clomid. I started with 200MG of clomid and the rest of my meds and just waited. After multiple U/S and waiting I had two beautiful follicle's and it was time for the IUI. The procedure was a little painful, and it sucked that my hubby had to work that day, but my Bestie Kat was there to support me! I went home and ate Pineapple for 5 days (supposed to help with implantation) then waited another week while praying those little swimmers would just pick one egg and go to it!! I mean come on they had 2 to choose from. But after the 2 Week Wait we got a BFN (BIG FAT NEGATIVE)

This was truly a hard month for us. I had felt the Lord telling me I needed to trust and not test early and just to wait on him. (so hard for this control freak), but I know the LORDS timing is always perfect and he has my miracle baby waiting for me someday.

Cant wait to see what next month holds.

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  1. Dearest Ansley--Yes, the Lords timing...will continue to pray for you and Rob..Love you, Lindy and Brian