Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New Mexico Life Update!

We love New Mexico, and absolutely love being a family again. Being at home with Rob is such a blessing and I Cherish every moment we are together as a family.

I miss my mom and dad, but know that this is where the Lord wants us to be right now. We are very grateful for everything our families have done to support us in this journey.

New Mexico is very different than Florida. Some of my favorite things: People are nicer, Doesn't rain everyday, Looking out my window just to see the beautiful mountains, Enough snow to make it feel like winter without having to shovel the driveway, Living on base and feeling safe walking around the neighborhood.
Things I miss about Florida: My amazing friends, family and church family, having the beach around the corner (even though I never really went).

Rob is enjoying his job and all the new experiences he is having, and I really love getting to be a housewife, and can not wait to bring home the new addition to our family.

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