Thursday, May 5, 2011


Ok, so I said I was blogging a month late from now on, so here is my March cycle blog.....

After multiple tests and diagnoses we were now finally able to try again. We did this as a cycle with a Trigger shot and timed intercourse. My Dr. scanned me every few days to check on the growth of my folicles. He wanted to make sure it got to 16mm before we could trigger. Those of you who are not familiar with fertility speak it is a HCG shot that forces your body to have an LH surge that causes ovulation. The Dr. wanted to do this with me because I ovulate late and that might have contributed to my previous losses. So when my follicle was large enough he send us home to baby dance!!

I came in two weeks later for my beta (pregnancy blood test.) No bueno big fat negative!!!

I knew though, I had no symptoms and had taken an HPT at home. Never softens the blow though. Still just as devastating when it seems like everyone around you can get pregnant by just looking at their man.

We plan on continuing next month (April) with fertility meds this time. (Clomid) Keep checking back for more updates!!

We are very excited about the next chapter of our lives to start very soon. Rob (husband) leaves June 1, 2011 for basic training.

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  1. Ansley, remember that in God there is no late, early, or none of that. His timing is perfect. He can ALWAYS have a look of the BIG picture and can forsee situations you and Rob might have not been anticipating. As bad as you want a baby, it will happen in the BEST moment. You guys love Him and He will make sure you get the best since that is what He wants for His children. Drugs or no drugs He will make sure you get pregnant at the perfect time. Be strong and take courage. Do not fear or be dismayed.